Delhi Belgian Club

1948 – 2017

1949 Prospectus of The Delhi Belgian Club Limited

Prospectus of The Delhi Belgian Club Limited

Statement pursuant to Section 44 of The Securities Act 1947 (Ontario)

  1. The full name of the Company is The Delhi Belgian Club Limited and the address of its head office is the Village of Delhi, in the Province or Ontario.
  2. The Companv was incorporated as The Delhi Belgian Club Limited under the laws of the Province of Ontario by Letters Patent bearing date the 22nd December, 1947.
  3. The Company was incorporated for the purpose of acquiring, maintaining and operating a clubhouse for the recreation of shareholders of the Company and their guests and for the purpose of constructing, maintaining and operating a golf course, lawn bowling greens, tennis courts and to provide for the installation and operation of other lawful sports and in general for the purpose of maintaining and operating a social and
    recreational club.
  4. The officers and directors of the Company with their occupations and addresses are as follows:—
    President—Julien Degrieck, Real Estate Broker, Delhi, Ont.
    Director—Gerard Vandenbussche, Tobacco Farmer, Delhi, Ont.
    Sec. Treas.—Valere Thournout, Insurance Broker, Delhi. Ont.
    Vice-Pres.—Medard VanDeWalle, Tobacco Farmer, R.R., Delhi, Ont.
    Director—Remi Lacour, Tobacco Farmer, R.R., Delhi, Ont.
    Director—M. Beselaere, Merchant, Delhi, Ont.
  5. The auditors of the Company are Messrs. McCormack, Barker and Wesbrook, Chartered Accountants, Woodstock, Ontario.
  6. The Company will act as its own registrar and transfer agent and the shares of the Company will be transferable at its head office Delhi, Ontario.
  7. The authorized capital of the company consists of 500 common shares having a par value of $100.00 per share of which six shares have at the date hereof been issued and fully paid leaving 494 shares in the treasury of the Company.
  8. It is proposed to offer for sale to the public the said 494 shares of the said Company at or for the price of $100.00 per share. The said shares will be sold through officers of the Company and no commissions will be payable with respect to the sale thereof.
  9. The estimated net proceeds to be derived from the sale of the said shares is $49,400.00.
  10. The purpose for which the said shares are offered is to supply funds for application against the current liabilities of the Company as specified in the balance sheet attached hereto and for the purpose of providing funds for the maintenance and operation of the Company's Clubhouse and appurtenances.
  11. The remuneration of the directors of the Company shall not exceed the sum of $5.00 a meeting for each director and the by-laws of the company will so provide.
  12. The estimated preliminary expenses of the Company are $1,295.00.
  13. The Company verbally instructed one Gerard Vandenbussche of Delhi to purchase in his own name, as agent for the Company, through H.J. Collins, Real Estate Broker, Delhi, certain lands owned by one Florence Carter and Leona Schmidt of Delhi consisting of part of lot Twenty-three, Block Eighteen, Plan 189 for Delhi, more particularly described in registered instrument number 219192 of the Norfolk County Registry Office.
    The said lands were duly purchased for the sum of $5,000.00 plus real estate broker's commission of $250.00 both of which sums have been paid in full and the Company then paid $250.00 for the use of a bulldozer to tear out the stumps and trees to make the land fit for building purposes making a total cost in all to the Company of $5,500.00.
    The said lands were acquired by the company as a site for their Clubhouse and a Clubhouse has been erected thereon which said Clubhouse was erected by day labour.
    The Village Council then opened two new streets adjoining the lands purchased as aforesaid and the Company sold part of said lands not required by them for Clubhouse purposes for the sum of $7,050.00 retaining for their own use part of said lot Twenty-three, Block Eighteen, plan 189 for Delhi upon which their Clubhouse was erected and which said lands are fully described in registered instrument number 219193 of the Norfolk County Registry Office.
    There are no other contracts relating to the purchase of the lands in question or the erection of the Clubhouse.
    The contracts and title papers with respect to the said lands may be inspected at the Head Office of the Company during business hours whilst the primary distribution of the said shares is being effected.
    The foregoing constitutes full, true and plain disclosure of all material facts in support of the offering of securities referred to above as required by Section 44 of The Securities Act 1947 (Ontario) and there is no further material information applicable other than in the financial statement.
    DATED at Delhi, Ontario, this 17th day of January, A.D. 1949.
    "E. C. Jones"

    "Julien Degrieck
    "Medard Van De Walle"
    "V. Thournout"
    "G. Vandenbussche"
    "Remi Lacour"
    "M. Beselaere"

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