Delhi Belgian Club

1948 – 2017


Both Belgian and English Darts were played downstairs in the game room for many years[1].

Belgian Darts

Excerpt from Page 124 of The Belgians In Ontario: A History

The Belgian dartboard is different from the English board. Instead of the board marked with a circle divided into radian sections, the type most familiar to Canadians, the Belgian dartboard consists of a series of concentric coloured circles, five in number, and a bull's eye in the middle. Each circle is assigned a number of points in value. Hitting the bull's eye is worth 50 points. The other circles, count from 25 (next to the bull's eye), 20, 15, 10 down to a low value of 5 for hitting the outermost circle. The bull's eye is about 2 centimetres in diameter. The board is smaller than the English dart board, only about 23 centimetres in diameter.

According to the rules of the Belgian game, each player has four darts and plays in turn, in singles. Standing 2 metres from the target, each player throws four darts and the points won are added. After 10 such rounds, the player with the highest score wins the game. In large centres such as Delhi, and Tillsonburg, regular teams compete against each other in formal competition, with the results sent to the Gazette van Detroit.