Delhi Belgian Club

1948 – 2017

Annual Shareholder Meeting

Start: Wednesday, April 12, 2017 - 7:00pm

We will review the financial report and President Marc Vanden Bussche will update shareholders in regards to the Delhi Belgian Club.

A simplified version of the financials for 2016 was emailed to shareholders who have given us their email address.  If you wish to have a complete version of the financials, you may pick one up at the annual meeting.

Due to the current situation of the club and extreme cost, we will NOT be doing a mail out of the financials this year.  Therefore, we ask that you pass this information on to anyone you know to be a Belgian Club shareholder, but who's email address we may not have.

Delhi Belgian Club - Downstairs
360 James Street
Delhi, ON
N4B 2B4
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